About us

Peer Pig (™) is a product of ARES Computer. ARES Computer produces workstations, servers and game consoles. In the area of ​​software, we offer an operating system with AEROS, a better alternative to Dropbox with AmiCloud and cheap cloud-based access to quantum computers from D-Wave with Quanta@home. In addition, we publish and develop games for various niche systems.

The guinea pig AI reads and evaluates English and German news, chats, posts and legal texts, among other things, in order to promptly mine the right COIN. As a result, the system occasionally mines less "profitable" coins (i.e. against the current, or unequal nicehash), which is an advantage due to a subsequent price increase. While all other automatisms cause the difficulty and thus the coins/time unit to fall, Peerschweinchen uses the less busy highway to mine more coins/time unit there. If the course now rises, the other systems also switch to this coin.. Peerschweinchen has then already taken advantage of it. Prices rise and the coins mined up to that point are suddenly more valuable.

Mining and masternode returns that pay off

Commercial AI-powered AltCoin Mining. Passive income through your lending based on an e-participation certificate contained in a non-tradable utility token